Red Sea – Reefer 170 System (43 gallon)


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Red Sea Aquarium kits are drop ship items only. Due to their size, we are unable to have them on hand in our warehouse. All drop ship orders will be placed with will be submitted to the manufacturer within 2 business days of receiving the order.

Red Sea only drop ships tanks on Fridays and any order received by midnight CST on Wednesday will ship out directly from Red Sea on the following Friday. After a drop-ship item has shipped from its origin, cancellations may incur manufacturer restocking fees.

Drop Ship tanks can only ship to the 48 state contiguous USA.


Innovative Designs

Going from the top of the Reefer system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is the crystal clear glass and elegant beveled edges. The second thing you may or may not notice is the slim overflow that houses all the drain and return plumbing to keep the water a constant level within the display tank and surface skimming while being super quiet and taking up a very small amount of real estate inside of the tank. The return nozzle is fully adjustable for to direct the flow where you need it, and the dual drain system keeps overflows from happening like a single drain design may encounter. The dual drain design has one main drain that includes a diaphragm valve for easy tuning and adjustments. The other drain is completely open to flow directly down into the sump in the event that the main drain gets clogged. If plumbing is one of the reasons why you have never wanted to install a tank with a sump don’t worry as Red Sea has done all the planning for you and there is no gluing needed to assemble and seal all the plumbing.


The sump includes a filter sock holder and sock to keep large pieces of debris and detritus from clogging pumps and other pieces of equipment. The water can then flow from the filter sock into the skimmer compartment where the water will keep a steady level to aid in the best performance in your choice of skimmer or any other filtration components that you choose to include can be placed there. The water will then flow through the final bubble trap and into the final chamber where the return pump (not included) can be placed to pump water back through the Reefer tanks return plumbing.

Integrated Top Off

When water starts to evaporate all Reefer systems include an integrated top off system and reservoir that can hold a few days worth of top off water to keep the water level, salinity and flow rates consistent throughout the tank.


REEFER™ Models
Specification NANO 170 250 350
Main Features Ultra clear front and side glass
Ultra clear front glass thickness (mm) 8 (5/16”) 10 (3/8”) 12 (1/2”) 12 (1/2”)
Built in surface skimmer
Integrated automatic top up system
System Volumes Display tank water volume (L) 77 (21 gal) 130 (34 gal) 204 (54 gal) 275 (73 gal)
In cabinet sump water volume (L) 28 (7 gal) 35 (9 gal) 40 (11 gal) 70 (18 gal)
Total system water volume (L) 105 (28 gal) 165 (43 gal) 244 (65 gal) 345 (91 gal)
RO reservoir volume (L) 4.7 (1.3 gal) 5.4 (1.5 gal) 10.9 (2.8 gal) 18 (4.7 gal)
System Dimensions Display tank length (cm) 45 (18″) 60 (24″) 90 (36″) 120 (47″)
Display tank height (cm) 45 (18″) 50 (20″) 53 (21″) 53 (21″)
Display tank width (cm) 45 (18″) 50 (20″) 50 (20″) 50 (20″)
Total system height with cabinet (cm) 132 (52″) 137 (54″) 140 (55″) 140 (55″)
Sump Dimensions
Water height (cm) 20 (8”) 20 (8”) 17-23 (6.7-9”) 17-23(6.7-9”)
Skimmer chamber without
Refugium wall (cm)
24 x 21 (11.8″x9.8″) 30 x 25 (11.8”x9.8”) 42 x 25 (26.5”x9.8”) 42 x 36 (16.5”x14.2”)
Skimmer chamber with
Refugium wall (cm)
24 x 21 (11.8″x9.8″) 30 x 25 (11.8”x9.8”) 25 x 25 (9.8″ x 9.8″) 25 x 36 (9.8″ x 14.2″)
Pump chamber (cm) 24 x 21 (11.8″x4.7″) 30 x 12 (11.8”x4.7”) 26 x 17 (10.2”x6.7”) 26 x 24 (10.2”x9.4”)
Return Pump 3/4” threaded hose barb – Pipe Int. Dia 16mm (5/8”) 16mm (5/8”) 16mm (5/8”) 16mm (5/8”)
Recommended flow (lph)
(pump not included)
(530 gph)
(530 gph)
(660 gph)
(790 gph)
Deluxe Series Features ReefLED™ 1 Unit
1 Unit
2 Unit
2 Unit
New Special Features Adjustable Height Skimmer Chamber
Refugium Ready
225 micron Thin-mesh Filter Bag 1 1 1 1
Filter Media Cup 1 1
Quick Release cabinet door hinges

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Dimensions 45 × 45 × 132 in

Black, White


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